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About us

A flexible and user-friendly file transfer solution providing your workplace with limitless mobility.

Secure and protect

Can you afford not to keep your information safe?

Your employees handle confidential information every day: files that contain medical, financial or customer information, ideas for new products, submissions and business proposals.

You can not afford to have this information fall into the wrong hands. Your employees work in flexible teams. They exchange many files with your customers, suppliers and business partners around the world. Regulations on the exchange of information are becoming increasingly strict.

Groups and Communities

A Community model

Authorized users are part of communities in which they can exchange files / folders based on policies you define. You can set up as many communities as necessary and connect them to your internal departments or to teams working on projects with your partners. Communities are built from user groups defined within any standard LDAP directory.

Transfer and share

What you need is a simple file transfer solution that is easy to use.

Your users can exchange, share and synchronize files managed by SEQCUR by taking advantage of their favorite applications from dozens of file transfer and file management applications available on IOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and Windows devices.