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Despite being intuitive to use, a demonstration video of how the application works is available for you.

1- Registration : Demonstrates how to create an evaluation account, allowing you to test SEQCUR for 90 days.


2- Login: Demonstration of navigation within the user profile, level of use as well as the end date of your subscription.


3- Secure Application Connection: Demonstrates how to use the link to connect to the SEQCUR secure file sharing application and introduces you to the different modules of the application.

Secure Application Connection

4- Working with your files: Demonstrates how to upload, download, drag and drop a file in addition to creating a folder in the application.

Working with your files

5- Secure Sharing: Demonstration of the creation of a community (sharing) and sending invitations to grant access.

Secure Sharing

6- Synchronization: Demonstration of the synchronization tool by copying a file to the local folder SEQCUR and synchronization in the WEB application.


7- Profile and Sharing Management: Demonstrates user profile management and community management (sharing).

Profile and Sharing Management

For more information, please download our SEQCUR User’s Guide.