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Easy to use

The user can initiate a file transfer from the web portal or click the link in the email notification. All transfers are made using industry-recognized HTTPS, SFTP, SSH, or SCP protocols, making it much easier to exchange files between business partners. A restart / resume function allows resuming transfer of a large file that would have been interrupted for some reason, saving valuable time.

  • CharacteristicsAdvantages
  • Easy to use from any web browser No learning required, which encourages people to use it to secure files
  • Easy to manage from any web browserMinimum Learning for Administrators
  • Compatible with all recent browsers for Windows, Apple and SFTP, FTPS, SSH and SCP protocolsAccess anytime, anywhere, from web browsers and your favorite mobile apps!
  • Identify the user through a Web form or the organization’s Active DirectoryUsers and administrators can connect quickly
  • User roaming supportAccess anytime, anywhere from web browsers and your favorite mobile platforms
  • No client software to install, requires Java Runtime if the applet is usedNo software installation on PCs; Eliminates the need for IT staff support or delays
  • SEQCUR is multilingualThe web interface of the solution is multilingual. The language of the interface is activated immediately after a change
  • Web Administration ConsoleAdministrators can easily configure and maintain the secure transfer solution