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What is your question?

Is it safe?

It's up to you to decide on the security level of your sharing folders! Here are the choices:

  1. No encryption = No encryption therefore not safe;
  2. Low Encryption (DES) = Simple (64-bit) encryption, sufficient for basic security on files that are not sensitive or confidential;
  3. Medium Encryption (3DES Double) = Standard encryption (112 bits)
  4. High Encryption (3DES) = Standard encryption (128 bits)
  5. Strong Encryption (AES) = For document classified TOP SECRET (256 bits)

What is the method of payment?

You can pay through the online solution Paypal.

How do I register?

Simply click on the REGISTRATION button which is located at the top right of each page. Complete the online form. Choose your package and pay through Paypal!

Where is my Data?

Your data is secure on servers belonging to CDMS Inc that are hosted in two data centers in the Montreal area.

How can I invite collaborators to my communities?

It's easy!

  1. Click on Share..
  2. Enter the e-mail addresses of your guests in the appropriate section;
  3. Create your new sharing space in the section New sharing space or add your guest in Existing shared space
  4. Write a welcome message using the Message section

And just like that, you're done!

How does the synchronization application work?

During the installation, the application creates a directory called SEQCUR on your workstation. All files stored in this folder are automatically uploaded to your hosted application SEQCUR. At the same time, all files that are filed by your guests in the web application are synchronized to your local SEQCUR folder.

What kind of documents can be saved or shared on this platform?

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Visio, PDF or other computer documents. You can also store music files, video files or databases. In short, it's a great place to keep off-site or share all your valuable data outside your office and away from prying eyes ...

Is the application mobile?

It's a Web-based application! So with a browser and internet access you can access it from any mobile device ...

How much space is left in my SEQCUR account??

The information is in your profile. More details to come ...

What happens with my files when I decide to unsubscribe?

They are deleted after 30 days from the end of your subscription. Be careful though! The files in your sync folder will also be deleted! Be sure to back up files on your network or to another directory on your computer at the end of your subscription.