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Group and Community Management

SEQCUR is a realistic and practical solution. It is designed for organizations like yours that need to protect files stored on their own servers and in transit.
Authorized users are part of communities in which they can exchange files / folders based on policies you define. You can set up as many communities as necessary and connect them to your internal departments or to teams working on projects with your partners. Communities are built from user groups defined within any standard LDAP directory.

  • CharacteristicsAdvantages
  • Simplifies sending encrypted files / folders to multiple recipientsSaves time and simplifies use
  • Transfer of files / folders according to communities such as project teamsAllows for the exchange of files / folders in a secure way with partners outside the company
  • User administration is granted to managersUsers are managed by those who know them best; Saves time and increases safety
  • Web Management ConsoleEasy-to-master Web interface; Managers are more likely to use it
  • Ability to add unlimited users
    The number of files / folders and users is limited only by disk space and license