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What you need is a solution that automatically applies the necessary protection to your confidential files. We offer an effective level of security that people will appreciate.
SEQCUR is based on recognized standards such as X.509 certificates and SSL and S / MIME encryption. But your users don’t need to concerned with these details. The content is automatically encrypted according to your security policies. Your files remain protected until they are retrieved by authorized users.

  • CharacteristicsAdvantages
  • Offers the four A’s of security: Authentication, Authorization, Audit and AdministrationYour confidential files / folders are secure and remain confidential
  • Secure transfer of files / folders over the Web protected by SSL, SFTP, FTPS, SSH or SCPBidirectional file / folder transfer from any web browser or compatible application
  • Integrated digital signature and encryption based on your policiesProtection is applied transparently to users
  • Public key cryptography according to S / MIME standardsConfidentiality of files / folders is ensured until they are processed by the recipient
  • Logging of accesses and transfers of files / foldersAllows creation of an unalterable log of activities
  • The solution supports several authentication methodsSEQCUR allows users to be authenticated by access account / password, via Active Directory or SSO Web
  • File transfer from the Windows desktopAn easy way to transfer a file from the Windows desktop. Simply click on a file with the right button via SSO authentication